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Rundown for the Week of April 13, 2001

The Graceland of Asia by Judith Ritter, with photos by D.L. Ritter
Taiwan-born Theresa Teng is to Southeast Asia, what Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and Elvis Presley are to the United States. People know all the lyrics to her sugary pop songs, and there's soon to be a musical based on Theresa Teng's life and untimely death. She's a legend. The center of her majestry lies at Number 18 Carmel Street, in a posh Hong Kong neighborhood. Judith Ritter recently visited the Theresa Teng home, her Graceland, and found the world as she knew it, rearranged.

Going Underground in America by Susan Butler
Set against the greenery of the Allegheny Mountains, the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia is one of the last, great southern belles. From the manicured grounds to the opulent ball rooms, it's easy to see why those that can afford it flock to the Greenbrier. But for more than thirty years, while unsuspecting ladies and gentlemen rose to the height of civilization upstairs, a covert operations team prepared for the end of civilization down below.

Interview: Kirk Hanlin Talks Presidential Travel
Kirk Hanlin, was the special assistant to, and Trip Director for Former President Clinton. Which means that every time you saw one of those front-page photos, Kirk was there, in the background (but, usually behind the camera), making sure everything went smoothly. For the last four years of the Clinton presidency, Kirk Hanlin was responsible for making all the president's travel arrangements - over 1,000 flights, just under 1,000 cities. But, getting a president off the ground doesn't mean just gassing up Air Force One. The prime concern of course is the President's safety.

The Bad Taste Tour Goes to Manchester by Cash Peters
You know the expression "You can't go home again." What about a forced repatriation? We sent Cash Peters back to his hometown, and he came back with this slightly wet portrait of Manchester, England.

A Different Kind of Easter by Nelle Nix
This time of year reminds writer Nelle Nix of an Easter she spent at a Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Rudy's View
Just in Time

Question of the Week
We recount some of your brushes with the law while traveling, and ask you about some of the comforting things you bring along with you while on the road.

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One Last Winter Fling

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The Sonic Cruiser...

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