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When you pick up your morning paper and see the front page photo of the President of the United States out traveling - standing in front of some world landmark like the Taj Majal - you probably think to yourself, "Gosh, that must be great." Go everywhere, do and see everything - but, you know, there's a dark side too:

Hanlin: "The thing to remember is that when a President travels, the White house Travels as well. He still conducts the business of the United States while he's traveling."
Kirk Hanlin was the special assistant to, and Trip Director for, Former President Clinton. Which means that every time you saw one of those front-page photos, Kirk was there, in the background (but, usually behind the camera), making sure everything went smoothly. For the last four years of the Clinton presidency, Kirk Hanlin was responsible for making all the president's travel arrangements - over 1,000 flights, just under 1,000 cities. But, getting a president off the ground doesn't mean just gassing up Air Force One. The prime concern of course is the President's safety.

Interview: Kirk Hanlin Talks Presidential Travel

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