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Rundown for the Week of March 23, 2001

The Gypsy Marketplace by Anna Lengyel
What would you expect to find in a market run by gypsies? If you rely on the old stereotypes - palm readers and pickpockets, sultry nights, crystal balls, and questionable wares - then think again. Savvy Traveler correspondent Anna Lengyel window-shopped her way around Budapest's Ecseri (eh cheh REE) market and found none of these, but the slice of history she saw was, in some ways, just as magical.

Coffee, Tea, or Novocain? by Wesley Weissburg
One of the good things about being an air courier is that you're literally forced to travel with only a carry-on, so you don't have to waste time hanging around the airport waiting for all of your bags. Not that it's all that bad, being stuck at an airport these days. Now there are bookstores, cyber-centers, Bodyshops, play areas for kids... But while airport commerce has diversified, The Savvy Traveler's Wesley Weissberg has noticed one service at New York's Kennedy Airport that has her puzzled.

Interview: Wolfgang Puck
Chef Wolfgang Puck has traveled the world, searching for new and different dishes, and is renowned for combining culinary cultures. His Southern California eatery Chinois on Main boasts exotic meals, mingling the tastes of China and France. In addition to heading a worldwide restaurant empire, he recently premiered a new cooking show on the Food Network and has just published a cookbook: Wolfgang Puck's Pizza, Pasta and More. Pizza and pasta may be American favorites but the US can't lay claim to creating them. So just what is American cuisine?

The Lost World of Pomegranates by Ann Marie Ruff
One of the most famous stories of Greek mythology relates how just a few juicy pomegranate seeds were charm enough to bind Persephone to her husband and the land of the dead. Perhaps it's not so strange then, that our correspondent Anne Marie Ruff traveled to a barren corner of the earth in search of her own epic pomegranate tale.

Uncle Juan by Ken Miller
We received a postcard this week from Ken Miller. When he decided to study abroad for a year during college, he wanted to go to Peru. But at the time, the State Department had put it off limits. He then eliminated his second choice: Colombia, when the only person he knew who'd gone there was kidnapped. And so, he went to Ecuador: a place he knew almost nothing about...

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We recount some of your spring break memories, and ask you about the oddest cultural differences you've encountered.

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