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Travelers' Aid: Online Staying Power

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Like the rest of the online world, Internet travel sites have certainly come and gone during the last year and a half. At one time, each had promises to "revolutionize" online travel.

That said, there is a site practically guaranteed to last - and it will change your online buying habits. It's called Orbitz, and something it has going for it that others didn't is that it's owned, in part, by the airlines.

Keep in mind, Orbitz hasn't officially launched yet. You can go to the site and search for fares, but you have to sign up for the "special countdown list" to start buying tickets right away.

Now, I have to tell you, Orbitz is controversial. The federal departments of commerce and transportation are watching it for anti-trust violations. The government, not to mention the competition, is wary that Orbitz will get special prices and deals not available to other sites and travel agents. That's because, like I said, it's owned by the airlines.

Ed Perkins knows the skinny about Orbitz, and other online happenings. Ed was the founding editor of the Consumer Reports Travel Letter and is now a syndicated columnist and consumer advocate. He's a little concerned about Orbitz, too...

One final travel note: the small Cincinnati-based airline Comair is fast approaching a strike deadline. Comair's parent, Delta, has said it'll pick up as many cancelled flights as it can, but if you're holding a Comair ticket, call them now and get your flights straightened out. We'll put the number on our website, or visit Comair.com for strike updates.

If you'd like us to address your travel questions or concerns, send us an email. Or, you can snail-mail them in. The address is The Savvy Traveler, in care of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California 90007. Or call us at 888-SAV-TRAV.

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