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Rundown for the Week of March 9, 2001

Muay Thai by Judith Ritter
In the US we have baseball. India loves cricket. Italy and France go wild over soccer. And in Thailand, the national passion is Muay Thai (MOE-ay TIE): Thai Boxing. Other than outlawing biting and head butting, it's no-holds barred, hand-to-hand combat that involves kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing opponents anywhere on their bodies.

Another Kind of Desert Warmth by Diane De La Paz.
During the late winter and early spring, folks living in chillier parts of the country are more than ready to go someplace sunny. When the Savvy Traveler's Diane De La Paz wanted to thaw out, she headed for the desert health spas and dry weather of Tucson. But just outside the city, she found a different kind of warmth, inside a 200-year old Franciscan mission.

Interview: Tony Hawks Goes 'Round Ireland With a 'Fridge
Now, we meet someone who you might say actually chose to carry the cold with him. Comedian and now author Tony Hawks wasn't about to turn down a good bet a few years back, so he accepted a challenge to hitchhike around Ireland...toting a refrigerator! Lucky for us, he's written a book about his rather strange odyssey aptly titled 'Round Ireland with a 'Fridge.

The Bad Taste Tour Goes Ceol by Cash Peters
We should mention that Sunday, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day. And one way to get in the spirit of things is to have plenty of Irish ceol (kee-OHL) on hand. No, ceol isn't an exotic dish or some kind of green beer - it's the Irish word for music. But to The Savvy Traveler's Cash Peters, whether it's Irish food or music, it's still an acquired taste. We sent him to Ceol, The Traditional Irish Music Centre, in Dublin for what turned into his latest Bad Taste Tour.

Doing Nothing by Mary Lou Weisman
Are you the kind of person who has trouble relaxing on a vacation? Writer Mary Lou Weisman and her husband, Larry, have come to fear free time on the road, like the time a sudden downpour forced them to while away the hours in a Turkish carpet shop. I remember Mary Lou telling me that by the time the rain stopped, she had signed on as the store's US rug rep. And since then, not much has changed. She sent us this postcard this week on another experience she's had with the risks and rigors of relaxation.

Season of the Bike by Dave Karlotski
No exploration of motorcycle travel would be complete without consulting our resident biker enthusiast Dave Karlotski. Dave has written several pieces about his motorcycle adventures for The Savvy Traveler, and so we asked Dave to tell what he enjoys about touring by motorcycle.

Rudy's View
Welcome to Muskegon!

Question of the Week
We recount some of your Group Tour Horror Stories, and ask you about your brushes with the law while traveling.

Deal of the Week
Fire and Ice!

Travelers' Aid
Spring Training Roundup

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