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Rundown for the week of October 16, 1999

Astronomy Camp
We all know how vulnerable the environment is to air and water pollution, but light pollution can take its toll as well. The glowing nighttime waters of many phosphorescent bays in the Carribean and Hawaii, for instance, no longer appear as bright, because of competing lights from nearby urban sprawl. That's why it's nice to visit a place like the Star Hill Inn in northern New Mexico, where the stars are the only lights illuminating the night sky. This unusual and isolated resort, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, caters to those devoted to star gazing, either with the naked eye or through one of the resort's high-powered telescopes. The Savvy Traveler's Tom Verde decided to check it out.

Travel with Pets
We spend most of our time, here at The Savvy Traveler, talking about great vacation destinations. But today we'd like to consider the things we leave behind...who's going to run the lights on and off in the house? Who'll water the plants or take in the mail? And perhaps most importantly, who'll take care of the family pet? Who'll feed Socks when you trot off to Martha's Vineyard? Well, The Savvy Traveler's Annie Wu has some suggestions.

Mysterious Hawaii Postcard
A postcard from Shirley Streshensky, who heard something beautiful in the air, as she walked the beaches of Hawaii. The mysterious sounds of Hawaii.

John Lurie Interview
You may not have heard of John Lurie, but if you've ever seen those mid-1980s Jim Jarmusch films Stranger Than Paradise and Down By Law, then you've definitely seen Lurie. And if you're a jazz fan, you might have heard his band, The Lounge Lizards. Or maybe you caught up with Lurie on his Independent Film Channel series, that ran last year, Fishing with John, in which he traveled to places like Jamaica and Thailand with buddies like Tom Waits, Dennis Hopper, and Matt Dillon to check out some of the world's best fishing holes. I spoke with Lurie last year when he was in-between projects to find out, in all his travels, which place has left the strongest impression on him.

Culture Watch
Curaçao's 500-year anniversary

Deal of the Week
Sears -- more than just a place to buy a power saw

Question of the Week
Getting away from it all

Travelers' Advisory
Boeing 737 Safety

Next Week
We embark on an emotional journey. We hear the story of a woman who got a call late one night, and flew half way around the world to watch hundreds of people die...she tried to help them live.

"I can still see her walking away, eight months pregnant and walking away. She just lost her husband and had no other children."

Some travel to forget about the world...others go places to change it. Hear how a journey to Rwanda transformed one woman's life forever.

We're also going to hear about a guy who landed in the airport in Paris and ended up making it his home for eleven years. And we're hearing your stories -- horror and happy -- about traveling with your boss. All that and more, so come along for the ride again during next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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