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Rundown for the week of October 2, 1999

Radio City Music Hall
Thirty-three million tourists visit New York City each year. And chances are that many of them will make the pilgrimage to Radio City Music Hall, home of that chorus line of dancers, preserving the kickline for the next millennium, known as The Rockettes. Radio City Music Hall was almost torn down in the late seventies, when it was known for having more pieces of gum stuck under the seats than people sitting on them. But now, after a $70 million investment, it's been restored to its former Art Deco glory, and will reopen with a grand gala event on October 4. The Savvy Traveler's Wesley Weissberg went to sit on one of the new chewing gum-free seats amidst the final touches of construction and hear the recollections of a former Rockette, Illene Collins.

Your Answers: Hitchhiking
Rudy talks to listeners about their hitchhiking stories.

David Cohen Interview
David wrote about his family's year-long odyssey in his book One Year Off: Leaving It All Behind for a Round-the-World Journey with Our Children. David told us what inspired him to throw caution to the wind and take this dream journey.

David Cohen, our interview guest this week, told me that his favorite place, in all his travels, was Istanbul -- said he really felt an amazing sense of history there. Of course, that was before last month's earthquake. And now, as Turkey heals and rebuilds, the country from now on will most likely be seen in the context of this horrific event. However, what will endure the tragedy is the rich legacy of Turkish culture that has sustained and nurtured its people for millennia. Jim Metzner traveled to the city of Istanbul just prior to the earthquake and brings us this tribute to the undying spirit of Turkey.

Deal of the Week
Beating sky-high European airfares.

Tourism in China
Marty Goldensohn called us from his cell phone while he was standing right next to the Great Wall! He told me about exploring the countryside and I asked him if there's really anything to see on China's back roads.

Married Travelers
What to do to avoid couples therapy on your vacation? The Savvy Traveler's Mary Lou Weissman says it's important to be aware in advance of the special challenges associated with traveling while married...or otherwise committed.

Culture Watch
Oktoberfest around the world.

Next Week
Come along for the ride again next week as we travel to Hawaii...just think of it...turquoise water...birds of paradise ... palm trees gently swaying in the breeze ... Wait. Breeze?

"High winds warning: Once again it is that time of year for the high winds. You may experience some difficulty with the elevator doors closing all the way. In the event that this should happen, do not panic."

Learn the legends...and the power of nature in the Aloha state. We hear your stories about the life-lessons you've learned on the road. And it's time to leave decorum at the door...we embark on another Bad Taste Tour.

"There's something here for everyone. Except maybe adults..and children. There's even a video man telling surgical anecdotes."

Geez, what more could you ask? The Museum of Urology...plus destinations for those with more discriminating tastes...during next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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