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Rundown for the week of August 28, 1999

Quintessential Gloucester
The oldest seaport in America lies just North of Boston. Gloucester, Massachusetts was settled in 1623 and became a legendary port in the days of sail. Thousands of schooners sailed out of Gloucester, and thousands of men never returned from the stormy north Atlantic. Now Gloucester's a town where whale watch boats, gambling shps and jet skis scuttle amidst the fishing trawlers that remain. Tourism is catching up to fishing as a mainstay for the community; and that has many long-time residents worried. Today we get an insider's look at this historic harbor in transition. Gloucester's Sandy Tolan took a boat ride on the 26 foot sloop of his friend and fellow story teller, long time Gloucester chronicler, Joe Garland.

Your Answers:Most Embarrassing Moments
Rudy talks to listeners about things they've done on the road that they'd like to forget.

The Power of Travel
Steve Zikman understands the power of travel. Matter of fact, that's the name of his book. He joins Rudy to discuss his thoughts about travel's wondrous possibilities.

Bad Taste Tour: Mutter Museum
Every few weeks we hold our collective breath and let The Savvy Traveler's Cash Peters take us on another Bad Taste Tour. Today he takes us to The Mutter Museum at the College of Physicians in Philadelphia, where some of the exhibits...well...they're probably better heard about than actually seen.

Culture Watch
Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle

Deal of the Week
Rooms on the road for less

Ask Rudy
Rudy takes listeners' general questions about travel. He mentions:

  • Seychelles
  • Florence

Family Ranch Reunion
One traveler's observations when he's put on a ranch with his entire extended family. Find out how he got through a vacation with the whole family. Here's a hint: it involved lassos...and spurs.

David Brancaccio Interview
You all know David Brancaccio as the host of Marketplace, public radio's daily business show. He just returned from Turkey, where he was reporting on the relief effort following the massive earthquake there. Rudy talked with David shortly after his arrival back in the States.

Next Week
Join us again next week when we visit a sacred place where a civilization once dwelt and where ancestral spirits remain:

"There are spirits, I believe up here, you just got to respect them, they'll respect you."

A stroll through the Anasazi cliff dwellings. We hear your summer travel war stories, and are you looking for a new outdoor thrill? Then cruise with us along the railroad's edge:

"I enjoy biking so this was a different form, where I didn't have to pay attention to traffic, potholes and such ... just ride and enjoy it."

Strap yourself in and ride the rails via bicycle during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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The Savvy Traveler Newsletter
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