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Rundown for the week of July 17, 1999

Although the dance flourished in Argentina, it's believed that the tango was also inspired by African, Indian and Spanish rhythms. What developed, in the end, was what came to be considered a "dance of the people," although at first only for the lower classes of people. Tango was considered obscene in its early stages.

Q&A: Your Answers: Airline Complaints
Rudy talks to listeners about their bad airline experiences, and talks to:

  • Steve Lott
  • Stephen Colwell

History of Vacations Interview
Everyone looks forward to their annual vacation -- a chance to get away from the pressures of our professional and domestic responsibilities. A week at the beach, a road trip cross country -- we know we need to relax and take a break, but why is it that so many of us have such a hard time letting go? Rudy says he takes a laptop and cell phone everywhere he travels. According to Cindy Aron, he's not the only one. Cindy's the author of Working at Play: A History of Vacations in the United States.

Black Rock Golf
Some die-hard golfers are using the British Open in Scotland as their excuse to be away this weekend, but whether you're interested in golf or not, you're going to get a kick out of this tournament: the 12th Annual Self Invitational Black Rock Desert Classic. Anyone can participate. You just have to be willing to make the two hour drive north of Reno and dish out a $50 entry fee. It is, no doubt, one of the most unusual golf experiences in the world. Hal Canon and Teresa Jordan of The Open Road are our guides.

Deal of the Week
Autumn deals as Southwest continues to expand.

Q&A: Ask Rudy
Rudy takes listeners' general questions about travel. He mentions:

  • Traveling to Timbuktu

Danger Spots for Gay Travelers
Gay and lesbian tourists spend $17 billion a year on travel each year, but that doesn't mean they always feel welcome. Remember in 1997 when a ship wasn't allowed to dock in the Cayman Islands because it was a cruise for gay men? Well, apparently, being turned away can be the least of your troubles if you're a gay traveler. The Advocate is a national gay and lesbian news magazine and the current travel issue highlights the most dangerous places for gay travelers to visit. For instance, did you know that Brazil has an average of three gay murders per day? And there's a list of other places that may come as a surprise.

Carry-On Baggage Postcard
We heard your complaints about the airlines, including the overhead luggage bins and how other people's stuff is always falling out of them. Well, most of us can relate--especially The Savvy Traveler's Geo Beach who thinks it's not just the location of the overhead bins, it's the stuff we're putting in them that's causing the problems.

Next Week
We're off on new adventures when we take a leisurely ride through the canals of France and bust a stereotype along the way

Clip: "Whoever said the French are rude to foreigners clearly never spend much time along the Canal du Midi."

And if you think you may have culture shock floating through France, next week we hear about the kind that hits you when you come home to America. A Walk in the Woods author Bill Bryson shares his impressions on returning to the U.S. after twenty years in England.

That, plus your recommendations for the best beach in the world to be stranded in next week's journey with The Savvy Traveler.

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