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Rundown for the week of July 10, 1999

Air Rage
You've been there...stuck on a crowded flight near another passenger who's a little loud...a little drunk...a little too familiar. If a flight crew thinks that passenger's behavior threatens the safety of others on board, they could choose to land and get that person off the plane as soon as possible. For many trans-Atlantic flights, a popular drop-off point is Bangor, Maine, which has been pretty busy lately, handling so called "air-rage" emergencies. The Savvy Traveler's Keith Shortall went to investigate.

Your Answers: Traveling with Kids
Rudy talks to listeners about keeping kids entertained while on the road. He mentions:

  • The Snow White Hotel in Italy
  • The Kinderkook Cafe in Amsterdam

Vagabond Traveler: Interview with Doug Lansky
For most of us, "traveling" means spending a few days on the road for business, or if we're lucky, for pleasure. And maybe we take a couple of weeks each year for vacation. But not our "Vagabond Traveler," Doug Lansky.

Bad Taste Tour: Burlesque Museum
Cash Peters is our official guide to the worst, the tackiest, the most offensive tours, museums and monuments in the world. And I'm sure today's journey fits into one of those categories. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare youselves for another Bad Taste Tour.

Deal of the Week
Travel deals and steals courtesy of the Web.

Ask Rudy: Fiona Ritchie
Fiona Ritchie is the host of The Thistle and Shamrock, a show that comes to us from Edinburgh, Scotland, where Fiona lives. We asked Fiona to join us and talk with Anne, a Savvy Traveler listener who has a question about visiting Scotland and Ireland.

Discovering Naturism
You didn't forget about Nude Recreation Week, did you? We asked spokesperson Marilou Aguirre to give us the skinny on why nude vacations are so popular.

Traveling with Suna
If you have a fear of flying...even if it makes you just the slightest bit edgy, sometimes it helps to travel with someone you trust. That's what Shirley Streshensky found on a recent flight in India. She sent us a postcard.

Next Week on The Savvy Traveler
Be sure to join us again next week when you get your chance to vent about those uncomfortable flights.

What irks you most about flying? We'll air our complaints and talk to an expert to help clear up some of our questions.

A challenge for you golfers ...you may have tackled some of the great links, but have you given any thought to playing out in the middle of nowhere?

And where did people go before air travel was even available? Was there really life before National Parks and Disneyland? Ever wonder how two weeks became the standard American vacation? The history of taking time off in next week's journey.

Clip: "The difference is that at the British Open there are great fairways ... great rough...Here it's like playing on the moon."

Well, it's not the moon but it is the middle of the desert...where a golf course is literally painted onto the ground. Even non-golfers will get a kick out of this one, so be sure to come along for the ride during next week's edition of The Savvy Traveler.

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