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The Best Souvenirs

Dear Rudy,

To hold on to a vacation high, I buy souvenirs that I can use when I return. On a recent trip to Paris, for example, I bought scented soaps at Monastica, lovely dishtowels at Samaritaine, lots of tea at Fauchon, and a tweed jacket at a small shop in the garment district near my hotel.

Now, whenever I wash my hands, do my dishes, drink some "Un Apres Midi a Paris" tea, or wear my jacket on a cool autumn day, I remember my wanderings along the Seine and shopping in the marvelous department stores of Paris. And I take lots of photographs of these places. When I return home and get my film developed, I place the photos where I'll see them often.

I also make a mental video for replay later. A trip to London in 1990 came in handy when I had to have some painful dental work done. As I lay in the dentist's chair, trying to distract myself from the pain, I replayed my walk up Whitehall toward Trafalgar Square, seeing all the colors and sights along the way. It sure was a lovely distraction!

-- Margaret



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