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Time for a Carry-on Surcharge?

Dear Savvy Traveler,

Recently my friend and I took a full flight to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. We appropriately checked our luggage ahead of time. Unfortunately, we had to endure bumps to our heads by other passengers cramming the overhead bins.

Everyone knows they can check their suitcases, but everyone ignores it. On our flight, the bins filled up, and some carry-ons had to be swiftly checked. Yes, the flight was delayed by these tardy, ill-mannered flyers.

To remedy this, we propose a surcharge for carry-ons of $1 to $5 per bag. We're not talking about men's briefcases, women's purses, or even diaper bags. We're talking about LUGGAGE: items that should be checked curbside or in the airport -- not schlepped on planes, bumping and bruising other passengers.

WAKE UP airline finance people! Start charging for all those carry-ons. It would mean an improvement in departure and arrival times, fewer injuries, and happier customers. We at least think so!

Thanks for this web site!!

-- Rebecca



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