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Dear Rudy:

I love your show. I was extremely moved by the Cambodia piece, in a way that I rarely am by anything anymore. The man who spoke it was brilliant at creating the visual images, which he transposed into words.

Because I tuned in a couple of minutes after he began, I didn't realize that it had been done two years ago. I guess part of what tweaked me was that I currently have a friend (a performance artist/writer/fimmaker, etc., who teaches improv at USC) on that kind of a trip all throughout Southeast Asia. Hearing the piece made me worry for him a bit, so it was a relief to know that things have changed somewhat. My friend, Eric Trules, has been sending his friends a series of e-mail letters about his experiences. He's a very good observer/writer with an interesting point of view. I wondered if you would be interested in seeing any of what he's written, with a view toward a similar type of first-person reportage?

In any case my main point in writing was to say how 'headsandshoulders' above any others, is your travel show.



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