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West Virginia

As a West Virginia resident, I'm accustomed to hearing lots of jokes about our wonderful state. So when I heard one of your listeners referring to Smith Island as "West Virginia in a can", I knew the stereotypes wouldn't be far behind. Sure enough, she went on to mention "cars up on blocks" and "furniture on the front porch" in her comparison of Smith Island with wild, wonderful, West Virginia.

For those listeners who are willing to look beyond the stereotypes, I invite you to visit Shepherdstown, West Virginia this summer. Only one hour from Washington's Dulles airport, you'll be able to enjoy our historic architecture, great food, and friendly people. And while you at it, why not take in the Contemporary American Theater Festival at Shepherd College. This wonderful festival, celebrating its 10th year of provocative new plays, runs from July 7th through July 30th. For more information on Shepherdstown and the Contemporary American Theater Festival, visit www.catf.org. We hope to see you this summer!



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