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Scott's visit to The Alamo

San Antonio's famed Alamo was nothing more that SMALL mission/ church which was central to a village we now know as San Antonio. I do hope Scott did visit the onsite museum and took in its rich history which showcases Davey Crockett's rifle, and Bowie's famous Bowie knife as well as interesting artifacts from the famous battle. The grounds and museum are not to be missed when in San Antone! Incidentally, the "John Wayne Alamo" that Scott was looking for can be found at Alamo Village, approx. 40 mi East of Del Rio,TX in Bracketville. Alamo Village is. It's the movie set for the film and countless re-enactments. It is now a tourist destination for those who want something a tad more macho. History does have its ways of disappointing us, yes?

I enjoy your show!



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