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Taxi Ride of Our Life In Bahamas

First we arrived at Cleveland-Hopkins from Akron at 8:00am for a 10:30 flight.

Didn't happen.

You see, there was a recession back in 1980 and the Bahamas Air flight got a flat tire on its nose gear. It took them eight hours to find a tire and a mechanic capable of putting the tire on!!! Finally, we take off and arrive in the Bahamas about 10:30pm and get into the taxi, which was a Toyota minivan.

This driver was one of the most reckless individuals you'd ever want to meet. If you ever been in Paradise Island, you know how narrow the streets are with everyone parked on both sides that late at night. Our driver didn't care which car he hit or if there was a stop sign or not!!! We had a newlywed couple in the van with us and, I swear, the grooms hands were knuckle-white!!! (Too late to be getting cold feet!!) My brother kept on saying "Oh my God, Oh my God."

Finally, we get to the hotel. On the way back to the airport a week later we could hear complaints coming over the radio about that particular driver we had!!! All in all a good trip...just be careful to buckle up next time you're in the Bahamas!!!



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