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Music on the River

I greatly enjoyed Tom Verde's coverage of the music on the river. It reminded me of a real treat my family had while taking a six-day river cruse down the Yangtze River in China last summer. Midway through the trip we stopped to board sampans which took us up a small tributary. As a side note, there were, I believe, five oarsman who, when the river became too shallow, hopped out of the sampan and manually pulled us up river by ropes. This is especially amazing because over time this tributary had cut very steep walls sometimes looming hundreds of feet above our heads.

It's unimaginable how these guys were able to get a foot hold much less be able to pull us over the rocky stream bed. By itself this was quite a treat but there is more. Our sampan tour guide had the most beautiful natural singing voice I've heard in my entire life. Coupled with the acoustics of this awesome setting, her voice radiated something very special. I think I will remember her performance forever. It can only be a matter of time until someone "discovers" her talent.




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