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Taxi Ride in Ireland

About two years ago I participated in a study abroad program in northern England. We had a break and so my friend Paul and I decided to embark on a journey to the country of Ireland. We had no real plans only to fly into Dublin.

We arrived in Dublin to find that there were no rooms, hotels or anything of the sort. We bought a bed and breakfast directory and began calling anything that looked like a possible bed for the night. One of the people gave the name of a dear lady named Freda who had pity on two poor college students and agreed to take us in for the night. She lived outside of town about 10 or 15 miles and she agreed to send a taxi to us at the airport. I wish I would of gotten the driver's name but I didn't. This driver was amazed by the American culture and he almost seemed to know more than we did about our country.

First, it is important to note that at the place we studied in England we did not have very good access to the current news of the United States. So this taxi driver tells us that Frank Sinatra passed away that day and went on to sing a few notes of his songs. We talked about "Old Blue Eyes" a bit and then the driver switched gears and talked about the Native Americans and told us about everything he had researched on this topic. I was quite amazed by the vast information he knew on this topic, having never been to America. I almost didn't want the ride to end as we zipped along to the countryside of Ireland in the darkness. This driver was a great first impression for his country



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