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Driving in Italy

Last November, a friend and I traveled to Rome, spent a few days there, then rented a car and headed for central Tuscany where we spent the next 10 days.

Driving a car in Rome -- and Italy in general -- is crazy, but what a rush it was! I was the driver and my friend discovered quickly she had to be the navigator, especially in Rome where the roads are circuitous and change names almost at every intersection and the cars, mopeds and buses drive like it's a CROWDED version of the Indy 500. No rules apply.

We made it out of and back into Rome safely, but not without its trials and many expletives.

I really enjoyed the driving. The mentality one must take is to put your fears behind you and drive just like the rest of them. You feel like a kid. I highly recommend it.

Now for vegetarians traveling in Italy. If you're heading for Tuscany: Rent an apartment in any of the numerous castles and make your own meals. Grocery shopping is a dream in the larger cities and some of the small hill towns. All the authentic and fresh Italian cuisine you've ever dreamed of right there.

Thanks for letting me share, and good luck to the newlyweds who called with inquiries on your latest show.




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