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Canadian Border Crossing

I used to cross into Canada three to five times a week, but that was 20 years ago. Back then it was "answer three questions and be on your way." This year we were traveling to Ottawa, from South Bend, IN. With three drivers we decided to save vacation time by driving the 14 hours mostly at night.

We arrived at the Port Huron /Sarnia border crossing about 4am. Every one except myself and oldest son were asleep. The customs agent asked how many were in the van, I told him "seven". "OK" he said, "pull over at the customs building. Another agent requested we all exit the van. So I had to wake up four kids and my wife. Now he says, "Go inside with your picture ID so we can verify your IDs." Those of us who were drivers had picture IDs, but three of the kids did not.

We waited while the customs agent explained that all persons entering Canada need picture IDs. Okay it was alright for us to continue with our trip, but first we must search your van, which was packed to the max. After gently re-arranging our packing they said we could go. This whole process took about an hour of lost driving time.




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