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Diana's View: Family Holidays (11/23/2001)

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This is The Savvy Traveler and I'm Diana Nyad.

Isabel Allende was on our show a couple of weeks ago, describing her native Chile as a place where families of many generations are still intact, where you live every day under the weight and responsibility of your family name. Now living in the United States, Allende has observed how Americans travel far from their birth families, create new identities, and take on new, non-blood relatives.

That's my story. Most of my Thanksgivings over the past twenty-or-so years have been spent traveling to be with my best friends, my chosen family. But this year a wonderful confluence of events came to pass at my house. First, the best friends traveled to me. That was unusual because I'm not known as the best cook.

Second, ever since my mom started declining with Alzheimer's a couple of years ago, my blood family has been coming closer together. This year, they joined in for Thanksgiving, too. There was a lot of love at the table - birth family and new family together - and I was grateful for all of it.

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