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Diana's View: Interrupted Journeys (9/14/2001)

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Our raison d'etre on this show is to celebrate travel. Every week we look forward to exploring this grand planet of ours with you. So I'm sure you can imagine our struggle, this tragic week, in deciding how to go about our show. We had fun trips planned, such as a visit to a huge Beatles festival in Liverpool. We're going to postpone that trip, and a few others we thought might be too frivolous for the collective shock and grief we're all feeling at the moment.

As a travel show, we must address this worst attack of terrorism ever against the United States. For the first time in our history, all airports across the nation were closed. Amtrak and Greyhound lines stopped as well. The land of the free was held prisoner, unable to move, for a shocking few days.

Rudy Maxa, our Travel Expert in Residence, is going to talk with us about the future of airport security and what the airlines are facing themselves right now. Tony Kahn, our Traveler at Large, will take us through his arc of feelings and experience over the last week. And we'll talk with travel industry insiders about what they've been through this week. We will take one journey today, though. None of us here at The Savvy Traveler wants to lose sight of travel as a wonderful privilege. We want to somehow to remind ourselves of how travel stirs our imagination-and our hearts.

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