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Diana's View: Repeat Vacations - Happy Birthday to Us! (8/10/2001)

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This is The Savvy Traveler and I'm Diana Nyad. The very first edition of The Savvy Traveler aired just this time in August back in 1997. Since then, our contributors have gone to the most remote places on Earth, such as Tierra del Fuego on the way to Antarctica. They've painted pictures with both their words and the sounds they gathered for those of us who will most likely never get that far. We've also taken classic American trips, such as riding the huge waves of the Grand Canyon.

When you come back from vacations, you might have your photobook or your videotape, but a radio producer comes back from a trip with a sound recording. This birthday hour is dedicated to a few of the jewels recorded so far for the show. From overcrowded Istanbul to the little-visited country of Bhutan, today we dip into our archives and invite you to come along. Let these stories serve as the passport to your imagination.

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