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Diana's View: Relishing the Unpredictable (8/3/2001)

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As someone who has traveled my whole life, I'm always told by people I meet that they're so envious of my journeys and adventures. And I tell them that I'm envious of the homebody lives they lead.

Traveling can get to be a grind. But I must say that one aspect of living on the road that I never get tired of is running into the unpredictable. I relish the oddball characters you meet out on the road. And the foreign customs and unforseeable moments that catch you by surprise.

This week's show takes us down the path of the unexpected. In just a little bit, Rudy and I take your calls about what's happened to you when you've arrived at your destination and the scene is NOT what the brochure promised. And we get into maybe the worst kind of unanticipated event: Crime on the road, and keeping yourself safe, especially as a woman traveling alone...

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