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Diana's View: Your Reactions (7/20/2001)

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You're listening to The Savvy Traveler and I'm Diana Nyad. Last week on Savvy, I threw out a highly controversial subject - whether or not to travel to politically oppressive countries such as Burma and China and Cuba - and I must say I was moved by the fact that so many of you responded to the show. Your voices have been both emphatic and empassioned and we're going to hear a lot from you over the next hour. It all started last week when we heard from a reporter we had sent to Burma, a country that many human rights activists cite as the worst offender in the world today. Several of you called or wrote in with ardent support of Burma's elected leader, Aung San Su Chi. She has called for a world-wide boycott of her country until the military junta loses power there. Cuba is another place that gets people stirred up. Later in the show we'll hear from several of you who express strong opinions about staying away from Cuba. And some of you are outraged, others enthused, at China being awarded the 2008 Olympic Games. It's not common for a travel show, but we're not afraid to handle a heavy subject such as traveling with a social conscience, here on The Savvy Traveler.

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