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Rudy's View: Not Goodbye... (6/15/2001)

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The highest compliment I've received in the nearly four years of this radio show's life is: "When I listen to the Savvy Traveler, it makes me want to go somewhere!"

Over the years, we've traveled back through time, in our minds, in our neighborhoods and, of course, to far away places. We've never been disappointed. Well, that's not exactly true-you've called to tell us about the worst car trip you've ever taken, the biggest faux pas you've committed on the road, and the oddest food you've eaten while traveling.

I've loved all those stories and every minute hosting this show. And next week, I'm setting out on a new adventure. I'll become The Savvy Traveler's "expert-in-residence" - that's what they've been calling it around here anyway and, hey, who isn't happy to be called an expert? Diana Nyad is taking my place at the host's microphone. You may have seen her sports reporting from around the world, or remember when she stroked her way a hundred miles from Bimini to Florida. Now, she's going to be right here with you. And so will I, offering you helpful tips for travelers, my deal of the week, and maybe a story or two. We're all - Diana and I and our small army of producers, engineers, and correspondents - committed to keep bringing you great travel journalism. We'll have fun doing it, so keep tuning in.

I'm already on the move. Today, I'm broadcasting from Paris and tomorrow, I take to the air for Turkey - a modern day Oriental Express. You'll hear more about that trip next week. But now, it's time to get you moving.

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