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Rudy's View: Mapping the Future of the Savvy Traveler

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If you like to travel - even in your mind - I'm betting you really like maps. I certainly do. One of my favorite gifts I ever received was the thick-as-a-brick Times Atlas of the World. I have the eighth edition, dated 1990, which is 225 pages long. Just last week, I was heading up to Dixville Notch, New Hampshire; it took me 20 minutes to find it way up north, near the Vermont border, but- you know what? - the hunt is the thing.

Later this hour, we'll hear about a man who made a dishonest living dealing in maps, about the way a map can take a traveler around the world and back in time, and about how these seemingly objective charts contain clues to the psychology of their makers. You may never think of maps in quite the same way.

And speaking of uncharted territory, you may notice that lately a few other voices have hosted this show. Let me tell you what's going on. Later this spring, I'm going to relinquish the host's microphone to concentrate on doing stories and interviews. It's all part of an exciting facelift that's already begun with John Hoult taking over this week as the new producer. Now, I'm not going anywhere - I'll still bring you the "Deal of the Week" and be the travel expert for the "Savvy Traveler" as well as "Marketplace." I'm VERY excited about having the opportunity to create more of the show's content, and I'm certain the new host will add even more to the "Savvy Traveler." There's clearly a rich world of talent- Tony Kahn, Melinda Penkava, and Vic Sussman have already taken star turns. Next week, Dick Gordon will fill-in for me. Feel free to share your thoughts as we revamp things by dropping us a note at savvytraveler-dot-org. Meanwhile, let's unfold our maps and hit the road!

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