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Pass the Nicorette!

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A few weeks ago, I told you things could get very ugly across the pond after Air France announced it was banning smoking on all its flights. Sacre bleu! A Frenchman without his cigarette? Why...that's like a Napoleon without custard.

Well, the airline apparently knew how radical its move was, because now Air France says it's handing out nicotine substitutes to help folks suffering from smoking withdrawal on its flights. And not only that, they've hired a doctor specializing in smoking disorders to help passengers at Charles de Gaulle airport. Of course, to many French, a smoking disorder is defined as a dislike of smoking. It's the non-smoker who's the weirdo in your average bistro. There, No Smoking signs have all the legal authority of a Christmas tree ornament.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm all for anything that eliminates smoking anywhere, but, then again, I'm an American. Pass out patches, offer therapists, whatever it takes. All of us who flew when smoking was no big deal on planes know how awful it can be. But this move by Air France is really a double whammy, because the new non-smoking flights include those between Europe and Asia. And if there's any region where smoking is more prevalent than Europe, it's Asia. So if you have one of those long international no smoking flights on your itinerary, take my advice: Buckle up tight... and pass the Nicorette!

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