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Saddle Up

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This is The Savvy Traveler. I'm Rudy Maxa.

You know, at one time or another I've tried just about every way imaginable to get around my hometown of Washington, D.C. Cars are usually inefficient and expensive to drive in D.C. traffic. Right now, the transportation rage on the East Coast and in other parts of the country is the Razor... that sleek, silver $100 foldable scooter that sells out at toy shops and Sharper Image stores. A New York Times writer tried one out for a few weeks and referred to its popularity as irrational mob behavior, like soccer rioting or Capri pants. His legs ached, his arms hurt, and he grew to appreciate the devastating power of those little cracks and seams in streets and sidewalks.

Well, with a review like that, I opted for something else. One fine day last spring, I bought a sporty new bike. Two blocks from the store, the cell phone in my pocket rang. I slowly coasted over to the side of the street and reached for it with my right hand while I applied the front brake with my left. Man, are bike brakes better these days than when I was a kid! That sucker stopped instantly. Me? I kept going right over the handlebars. I'm glad I had my helmet. Unfortunately it was on my head, not my left knee, which slammed into the pavement. A week later I was walking again. And this week? Well, I bravely saddled up for my second spin since that spring day. It was a gorgeous, warm fall weekend on the East Coast. And this time, I decided to hold all calls.

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