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Deal of the Week

August 25, 2000

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Overcome Your Fear of Flying

It's estimated that one out of five Americans suffers from a fear of flying. Well, I want to tell you how to take a first step to overcome that fear and pick up a certificate that'll save you $50 on a Northwest Airlines flight. It's a video and audiotape kit called Fearless Flying that's a do-it-yourself version of two-and-a-half day seminars Northwest has long offered timid flyers.

The video features comforting details about pilot training and air traffic safety and also describes breathing and relaxation techniques. The audiotape can be used when you're flying to help you relax. Here's the good part. The Fearless Flying kit costs $70, but if you use the $50 discount certificate that's included to take a trip on Northwest, you're really only paying $20 for the kit. Northwest's seminars that it offers in hub cities, by the way, cost $450. For your kit, call 888-577-4455 or go to Fearless Flying.com.

Banish fear and pick up a discount. That's my Deal of the Week!

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