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Travelers' Aid

Olympics on the Cheap
July 15, 2000

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Even though it's the middle of the summer, many of us are already looking forward to September 15th and the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. But you know what? Olympic Fever hasn't exactly caught on as much as you might think. There are still plenty of tickets left to the events, plenty of hotel rooms available and plenty of airline seats. So even if you started planning a trip to the Olympics this weekend, you could still find enough good deals to do it inexpensively. One Savvy Traveler listener has the inside scoop on the games. He's Ray Olsen, from Cleveland, Ohio. Ray's been planning his trip for almost a year now, so I called him to get tips for the rest of us.

And even if you aren't that jazzed about the Olympics, there are plenty of other events going on, both in conjunction with the games, and, well, just because Sydney's a pretty happening town. I didn't realize just how happening until I spoke with Anna Bolger, who writes Lonely Planet Guidebooks. Lonely Planet just released its new guide to Australia, with a complete section on the upcoming Games. Anna says that even without the Olympics, Sydney is a great place to spend some time.

Savvy Resources for the Sydney Olympics:


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