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Rundown for the Week of October 24, 2003

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Haunted Destinations

Since Halloween's around the corner, we're focusing on spooky travel. Haunted places make for great travel adventures. There are many destinations where guides are more than happy to scare up a good time for you. Ghost tours are popular ways to see some of America's oldest cities. And, the mountains of Europe are full of tales of wandering, ghostly characters that have chilled locals for centuries. But sometimes, encounters with the paranormal happen in very unexpected places.

Web resources: Click here for info. on finding America's most haunted places

photo: H. McElhatton
A Tour of Haunted Savannah
reporter: Heather McElhatton
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Last year, the American Institute of Paranormal Psychology named Savannah, Ga., America's most haunted city. Heather McElhatton goes on a ghost tour looking for paranormal encounters to see if she, too, could have a brush with the underworld.

The Red Balloon
reporter: Jesse Kalisher
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Many haunted destinations are places where many visitors have observed the same phenomenon, like the same odd, cold spot in a house's living room. Jesse Kalisher has a different experience: a sensation of a ghost that's very personal. This is the story of the lonely and curious red balloon.

Web resource: Click here for other stories by Jesse Kalisher

photo: E. Radding
Looking for Rübezahl of the Woods
reporter: Naomi Lewin
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In Europe, a famous ghost has been said to wander just east of Germany, in what is now Poland. Naomi Lewin goes on a quest to find this spirit, Rübezahl, an evil, gnarled old man in a hooded cloak, with a walking stick in one hand and a vegetable in the other.

Web resource: Click here for other stories by Naomi Lewin

Web resources: Click here to get info. on finding America's most haunted places and on exploring haunted Savannah, Ga.

An excerpt from "Scratching the Surface"
by Jeff Greenwald

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Travel writer Jeff Greenwald is said to be one of the first people to post updates on the Internet while traveling around the world. While circling the globe for a book, Jeff sent dispatches from many locations. This one, from "Scratching The Surface," was filed from the Ursus Delmas, a cargo ship traveling from Brooklyn to Senegal. Looking to the horizon from the ship's deck, Jeff struggled to describe the beauty of one of the simplest things we all encounter on our travels, the ocean.

Web resources to learn more about Jeff Greenwald
www.ethicaltraveler.com: The Ethical Traveler, a nonprofit created by Jeff Greenwald that is dedicated to educating travelers about the social and environmental impact of their decisions.
www.jeffgreenwald.com: Jeff's Web site
Jeff's book "Scratching the Surface: Impressions of Planet Earth from Hollywood to Shiraz" is available on Amazon.com. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Click here to search for other stories by Jeff Greenwald

"Native State: A Memoir"
a chat with author Tony Cohan

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In 1999, Tony Cohan was summoned to California by his 94-year-old dying father. So, he was forced to reflect on his own life, where he was constantly traveling and running away. His book "Native State: A Memoir" chronicles his flight from a Hollywood childhood -- his father was a big radio producer in the day -- to a musician's bohemian life in Europe, Japan and then back to California to face the man who drove him away. Host Diana Nyad chats with Tony about his journey.

Web resources: Cohan's book "Native State, A Memoir" is available on Amazon.com. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Travel Behind the Scenes
Adolphus Onyiante, ground operations coordinator, jetBlue, JFK

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In "Travel Behind the Scenes," we feature people who aren't necessarily travelers themselves, but work in places where they observe travelers or the travel industry. This week, we meet a man who works the tarmac operation at Kennedy Airport. His name is Adolphus Onyiante. Adolphus immigrated to the States and now, after all these years in New York, he is still proud of his work keeping things running smoothly at one of the biggest airports in the world.

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"A Hitchhiker's Tale": August 22, 2003
"New York: Grand Central Shoe Shine": July 25, 2003

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Sound Travels
Puyallup Fair, Tacoma, Washington

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Sound travels, where we travel with just our ears as our guide, takes to a place that symbolizes fall for reporter Robert Millis: Billed as one of the top ten largest fairs in the world, the Puyallup Fair, just southeast of Tacoma, Wash., has a livestock competition, cotton candy, rides you're not too sure about, a ring toss and, heck, even its own theme song. The fair's closed for winter now, but it'll be back in the spring.

Web resources
www.thefair.com: Puyallup Fair site
www.lorrypatton.com: review - "Puyallup Fair Days"

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Traveler's Aid
Helpful Tools for Last-Minute Travel

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In the mood to take a little trip this weekend? Maybe a long weekend at the beach? Some debauchery in Vegas? Ten years ago, this would be unthinkable: You'd have to book 21 days ahead or pay a king's ransom -- but that's not so today. The boom in last-minute travel deals allows us to travel spontaneously without breaking the bank. Here to tell us how this trend began, where it's headed, and how you can take advantage of it is Michael Shapiro, a travel columnist and the author of "Internet Travel Planner."

Diana also gets some great last-minute tips from Savvy listen Matt Mueller, a Spanish teacher from Menlo Park, Calif.

Click here to check out our helpful collection of "Last-minute Travel Tips"

Web resources:
Check out our helpful collection of "Last-minute Travel Tips".
Michael's book "Internet Travel Planner" is available on Amazon.com. Your purchase helps support The Savvy Traveler.

Deal of the Week
Unbeatable Barge Bargain in France

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As the 60th anniversary of the landing at Normandy is happening next summer, our dealmeister, Rudy Maxa, has a great bargain on a luxury river barge cruise in France -- with deep discounts for all American military veterans!

Click here for details and link information

Web resources:
EWaterways.com is the booking service for Continental Waterways' barge cruises. Go the Web site above or call (800) 676-6613 for more info. on the Normandy cruise that is discounted for military veterans.

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