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Rundown for the Week of October 20, 2000

Yosemite's Wawona Hotel
The Awahnee Hotel is considered the Grand Lodge of Yosemite National Park. But often overlooked is the Wawona Hotel. One of California's oldest, it shares it's name with a woman named Wawona Hartwig who was born at the hotel and who recently passed away just a couple of weeks ago. It was Wawona's father and uncle who established the hotel back in 1876. And it's not, what you might consider elegant. But The Wawona has other qualities that make it worth considering, as the Open Road's Hal Cannon and Teresa Jordan recently discovered.

Geek Tour
California's Silicon Valley has been compared to San Francisco during the gold rush. Sixty-three millionaires are created there each day. So, with all that money pouring into the place, is it worth visiting? Or is it only interesting for high tech, computer types? We put producer Rachel Anne Goodman on the case to find out. And since it's always better to see a place with a local, Rachel went on a tour of Silicon Valley with local author, Paulina Borsook.

Tahitian Wedding
Travel is an integral part of many relationships, and many couples choose to get married or renew their vows on the road. Someplace less predictable than the corner church, each year, thousands choose to say 'I do' someplace more exotic, say, Tahiti. The islands of French Polynesia have been seducing Westerners since the crew of 'The Bounty' opted for love over loyalty to Captain Bligh. These days, it's matrimony, not mutiny, that brings lovers to the island of Moorea, known locally as 'The Island of Love.' And if you've got time, money, and an adventurous heart, you can tie the knot the traditional Tahitian way. But as Jeff Tyler tells us, traditional means different things in different places.

Your Tour Group and You
If a Tahitian trip for two isn't quite your style...and you prefer the idea of safety in numbers, then you might consider a pre-packaged tour group. Just make sure you can go with the flow of personalities. Mary-Jo Pehl went on a tour recently...here's her survival guide.

Interview: Mort Rosenblum
When you think of France, food probably immediately jumps to mind. But there's more to France than meets the taste bud. Writer Mort Rosenblum set out to discover the role of food in French culture. He's detailed his eye opening, mouth watering findings in his most recent book A Goose in Toulouse and other Culinary Adventures in France.

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Korea's Andong Mask Festival

Next Week

Those tour guides Mary-Jo talked about will get a chance to get back at us travelers who are always missing the bus...or getting lost in the pyramids. Tour guide horror stories...plus your tales of those guides who led you on a frightening journey. And speaking of "frightening"...what would you think about staying in a place where the brochure illustrated the following:

"The cells here are made of dark red brick. The only daylight comes through the iron bars on the door. And each one has just enough room for two bunk beds."

Sounds like a prison, doesn't it? Well, it was once...complete with Death Row and Hangman's Noose. Now it's an International Youth Hostel and, rumour has it...it's haunted.

And as if that wasn't spooky enough, how about the prospect of traveling with our presidential candidates? Find out what it's like to hit the road with Al Gore and George W. during next week's edition of the Savvy Traveler.

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