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Question of the Week: Roadside Attractions (8/17/2001)

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This week, we learn about some of your most interesting roadside attraction experiences. Several people called in to tell us about a roadside attraction in Wisconsin called Forevertron. It's a huge scrap metal sculpture just off the 12 highway, standing over 65 feet high and weighing some 320 tons. It's taken almost twenty years for one man to weld odd shape pieces of metal into this odd phenomenon and we were definitely intrigued enough to call the artist and ask the ever-pressing question. Why in the world has he dedicated himself to building this four-square block orb? Tom Every, aka Dr. Evermor, estimates he has had over a half a million drivers pull off the road to check out his steely wonder since he began building it in 1984. And, in talking to Dr. Evermore, more than discovering why he's built the thing, we found out he's planning to launch it into outer space. Why were we not surprised?

Next Week: Commute Rituals & Surprises

We kind of expect - even hope - to come across weird, oddball sights and people when we're in faraway places. And, as we just heard, there are folks out there who leave home on a focused quest, hunting down the eccentric. But we're wondering if you've come across something that's caught your eye during your everyday travel. Maybe on your regular commute to work, you've seen something that's just not normal and you've always wanted to stop for a few minutes and explore. Have there possibly been surprise experiences in your everyday travels?

Call or email us and share your story. The number is 888-SAV-TRAV. That's 888-728-8728.

Savvy Resources:
Learn more about the Forevertron and its creator...


Roadside America: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/attract/WIBARforever.html

The Folk Art Society of America: http://www.folkart.org/messenger/evermor/evermor.html
BarabooNow: http://www.baraboonow.com/travel/outoftheway/forevertron/
Photographs: http://www.drevermor.org/photo_gallery/ftron_intro.html

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