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Question of the Week: Best On The Road Stories (6/29/2001)

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This week, we present some of your best "on-the-road" stories.

Next Week: Ingenuity On the Road

When were you far from any safe haven, and had to use your imagination and survival skills to make your way out? It could be a wilderness story, it could be an urban story, but make it a savvy story. A few years ago, I was on a photo safari in Kenya and my friend Bonnie and I ignored the oft-repeated rule of never leaving the compound by foot. We took a long run and jogged past giraffe and occasionally got spooked that a rhino was right around the next set of trees. About five miles from camp, Bonnie brushed by a poisonous bush and a thorn jabbed her skin. She immediately passed out. I tried reviving her but she was dead to the world. I couldn't carry her five miles. The only thing I could think of to do was to lay her on top of a stack of these huge, oversized leaves and drag her. It worked! But what a lecture we got back at camp!! Do you have a similar tale to tell?

Call or email us and share your story. The number is 888-SAV-TRAV. That's 888-728-8728.

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