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Question of the Week: Getting Oriented (6/22/2001)

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Whether you're choking on the bad air of Van Nuys or sipping the sweet breezes of Provence, I'll bet you have rituals that help you get oriented to a new place. That's the question we posed to you this week. Have you developed a routine that helps you quickly get to know a place? Find out from our listeners, and from our very own Tony Kahn!

Next Week: Getting Lost

So that's the word on getting oriented. But what about the opposite-getting lost?

"Suddenly he saw this road and it looked like it went straight through down the middle. So we got on that and he said my goodness, this is a nice lit road! And it was, lot a little lights on the side there. Suddenly we saw this great big light in the back of us and we looked and there was an airplane!"
That's one listener who called in with her story of getting lost which brings us to our next Question we throw out to you...What were the circumstances of your getting lost? Can you top winding up in your car about to be crunched by a 747? Describe for us that very moment when you realized you had no idea where you were or how to get back. How did you find your way?

Call or email us and share your story. The number is 888-SAV-TRAV. That's 888-728-8728.

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