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Question of the Week

January 19, 2001


This week: Getting There the Strange Way

These days with the convenience of luxury airliners, bullet trains and minivans with entertainment centers, it takes all of the challenge out of travel. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy comfort as much as the next person, but whatever happened to the days when getting to a place was just as exciting as where you were going?

Question of the Week

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Next Week: Good Samaritans

Okay, so you've hopped on the Vespa or wiggled your way into your Chinese water torture cell and you're on your way. But what if you run into trouble? Your hearse dies or you don't have enough wind to power the kites on your rowboat? You hope you can rely on the kindness of strangers. How many times have you been stuck some place, gotten into trouble or were just plain lost and somebody you never met before came along and helped you out?

I want to hear about the time you were traveling and you met that new someone who made your trip more memorable. The kindness of strangers: Tell us about that Good Samaritan you met on the road. Tell us your story via email or phone. Call us at 888-SAVTRAV or send us an email. That number again is 888-728-8728.


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