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Question of the Week

December 29, 2000


This week: New Year's Travel Resolutions

Trips down that nostalgic road never seem to be quite the way we remembered. They don't even come close. It's like we put so much effort into the recreation, that we forget to live the one we're actually on. Thankfully, the passage of time has a way of smoothing over the blemishes, making the colors brighter, the moment's warmer-the Denge Fever, less life threatening.

Of course, the mark of new year lets us set aside the past, and start thinking of the vacations and travels ahead of us. A whole future full of "good old days" waiting to be experienced. So, let's get the year off on the right foot, and start off the New Year setting our travel resolutions? I'll go first.

I'm going to start 2001 by committing to get to the airport with a little more time to spare. Let's just say, that currently, I'm head of the get-there-a-minute-before-the-door-closes club. I don't catch a plane-I chase it. The only time I get to my flight early is when it's delayed. Well, that's all gonna change-really. I swear it.

You, our listeners have a few resolutions of your own for the coming year. Elan from Minneapolis is making a travel resolution of global proportions. Fred in St. Paul has a new year's travel resolution of his own. And you might remember Caryn Bark's post card last month about her adventures of traveling with her daughter, Tallulah. Well, I recently caught up with our Savvy contributor in chilly Chicago to ask Caryn what her hot New Year travel resolution was.

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Next Week: Funny at 35,000 Feet?

A few months ago two men were sentenced to prison for causing a "bar room brawl" on an Airtours flight bound for Jamaica. Just a few weeks ago, a US Air flight had to make an unscheduled landing in Charlotte after a man became unruly-why?-because he didn't like his seat assignment. It seems like we hear more and more incidents of ludicrous behavior on today's flights.

One theory I have is that passengers are spending more and more time in airport bars waiting for delayed flights. While they're killing time, they kill a few brain cells with a cocktail or two or three...or four. When they finally pour themselves onto the airplane they're tanked up and cranky. But alcohol isn't always the cause of crazy behavior on flights. For some passengers, eccentricity at 35,000 feet just comes naturally. Maybe its good old fashion cabin fever. It's anybody's guess. What's the strangest thing you've ever seen on a flight? Hopefully it wasn't a case of air rage, but an incident that was more amusing than dangerous. Maybe it wasn't one of your fellow passengers acting funny but one of the crew. Tell us about the weirdest thing you have ever seen while on an airplane. Call us at 888-SAVTRAV or send us an email about your life as an expatriate. That number again is 888-728-8728.


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