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Question of the Week

November 24, 2000


This week: Unusual Thanksgiving Travels

Where are you going to spend your Turkey Day weekend? I've enjoyed the traditional American feast in some pretty unusual places. Turkey and Barcelona to name just a few. A while back, listeners called in with their stories of some of the more unusual Thanksgiving travels they've taken. With everyone cooking up some family memories of their own this weekend, I thought I'd pull some past unusual thanksgiving moments out of the oven to serve up to you. You've got to listen to these bizarre stories.

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Next Week: Holiday Memories

The thing that makes the holidays is coming back with those special memories, even if they involve spending the night with a turkey or dressing up like a Pilgrim. But what about those memories that we bring back from our trips that grow into more than just pleasant thoughts from the past. What about those passions that we discover and bring back home, making them part of our daily lives. Maybe you learned a few samba steps that you brought back after your vacation to Latin America. Or maybe you tossed out that Mr. Coffee Maker and replaced it with the new coffee press you found in France. That's what we want to know. Tell us the things you picked up on your holiday travels. Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV. That's 888-728-8728.


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