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Question of the Week

October 6, 2000


This week: Relationships Begun and Ended on the Road

A friend of mine liked to travel to some of the world's more inaccessible spots for the sheer relief of becoming a stranger and leaving himself behind. Well, five years ago, he met the woman of his dreams. He figured the best way to test the proposition, not to mention a proposal, was to take her on one of his tougher treks and see how she did. The bad news was that he discovered how hopeless he was at providing for others. He and his girlfriend ended up in the middle of the night in the wrong town, shivering and starving, without even a park bench to sleep on. He got the good news as they curled up with nothing but each other for comfort and warmth. She loved him for himself. By the way, they're still together. A few weeks ago we asked you tell us about the trips that began or ended big relationships in your life. And did we get any responses? You bet. Listen in.

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Next Week: Dropping your blinders

Did you ever have an experience that dropped the blinders from your eyes? Have you come across something in your travels that made you realize you'd been looking at something cock-eyed all your life? That's what we want to hear about. Tell us about the moments that have knocked the blinders from your eyes. Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV(888-728-8728) and let us know about those epiphanies that you've had while traveling when, suddenly, you saw the world in a whole new way.


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