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Question of the Week

September 8, 2000


This week: Recovery Getaways

Although the summer has ended, maybe it's time for a getaway. We all need a little break from time to time to escape the stress of everyday life. You know, work, household chores, the kids...

But you know, the worst part about our problems is that they're so darn inconvenient. Wouldn't it be great if we could schedule our troubles? Pull out the ol' Palm Pilot and slot them in at a time that's a little more convenient for us. Let me see, I'll have the car break down on Saturday. Wednesday's not a good day to get passed over for that promotion, I'll put that in for Friday.

You see what I'm getting at here? In fact, if I had it my way I'd schedule all of my stress right before heading out on a vacation. So, right as it's all hitting the fan, I'm hitting the road. Then when I come back, I'm refreshed, tanned and ready for battle.

A few weeks ago I asked you to call in with that one special getaway you've taken in order to recover and come back ready to face the world. Some people go bird watching to relax. Others pack the family in the car and drive around back roads just to see where they would take them. Listen in and find out where people go to get away from it all.

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Savvy Resources for Recovery Getaways:

  • One of our listeners even goes to Mepkin Abbey, a monastery, to relax. Findout more about this unique experience by going to the Mepkin Abbey website at:

  • You can also find other monastic websites at:

Next Week: Travel Journal

You know, visiting a monastery or going on a Buddhist retreat would be a unique travel experience worthy of an entry or two in your travel journal. You'd certainly have enough peace and quiet to pour out your feelings on paper. If you don't keep a travel journal, you should consider it. It's the perfect way to really re-live what you were truly feeling at the time when you were out on the road, experiencing new sites, smells, sounds. Photos are a great way to remember a trip, but journals go straight to the heart of your emotions.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV(888-728-8728) and read a selection from your travel diary. A brief passage that you think best conveys that special, pivotal experience you had while on the road. send us an email


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