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Question of the Week

August 18, 2000


This week: Prolonging Your Vacation High

I thinks it's normal to feel a bit of trepidation before embarking on an extended trip. But once you settle into life on the move, experiencing new adventures each day, discovering new sights and new people, it can get a little hard to come back. Experts call this transition of coming back home after a vacation re-entry. Studies have shown that for most people the high of a vacation wears off in just a matter of weeks. It's as if you never left.

Recently ago I asked you to call in with suggestions as to how you prolong your vacation high. What do you do to fend off the "back to reality blues" and hold on to that travel holiday just a little bit longer? Listen to the lengths some of our listeners go to in order to keep that vacation feeling.

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Next Week: Worst Family Vacation

Two more weeks and it's all over. That's right, Labor Day weekend is almost upon us and that signifies more than just stowing away the white wardrobe. Or are you supposed to start wearing white after Labor Day? Or is that pastels? I can never remember...

But anyway, the beginning of Labor Day weekend means the official end of summer, that is, as far as traveling goes. And as the kids head back to school now's the perfect time to sit back and reflect on how we spent our summer vacation. Or more precisely, how we regret spending it.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV(888-728-8728) and tell me about your worst family vacation. That's right, drag out the dirty laundry, white or pastel, and tell me about the time you gathered the relatives together for that annual family trip... but it turned out to be misery. What happened that made it the family vacation from heck? How did you react to the situation and were you able to salvage your summer? Share your pain and your story.


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