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Question of the Week

July 15, 2000


This week: Honeymoon Disasters

Ah, yes... It's that time of year again, honeymoon season. Time for soul mates to cuddle up on some secluded island or mountain chalet and forget about caterers, wedding bands and inebriated in-laws. But, there's a lot of pressure to have the perfect, most romantic honeymoon. You want to come home with an album full of photos and fun anecdotes to share with your family and future children. Unfortunately, high honeymoon expectations can sometimes lead to disappointment.

A few weeks ago I asked you to call in with your worst, honeymoon disasters. What I heard is enough to keep a person single, or at least safely at home if they do decide to become un-single.

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Savvy Resources for Honeymoon Plans:

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Next Week: What Was I Thinking?

One reason we travel is to search out beauty. It could be a sunset off the Greek isles or... yes, even a Victoria Secret photo shoot. But when we travel, it's not only to see a new place, but a chance to see a new self. Discover what we're really made of. And if we don't like what we are, we can use the opportunity of being in a completely different country, surrounded by strangers to change our personality. Try a new one on. "This tough guy is a little too tight." "Do I look fat in this outgoing, bubbly persona?" But, the one personality we all seem to try on is the Risk Taker. For some reason, being in a new place suddenly makes us brave. Maybe a little too brave. We can do things that we might later regret.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and tell us your stories about the time you were traveling and did something completely different than you normally might have if you were back home. Something that you now look back on, slap your forehead and ask, "What was I thinking?" Tell us what you were thinking, what you did and why. How does it make you feel now? Any regrets?


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