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Question of the Week

June 3, 2000


This week: Roadside Diner Adventures

There's nothing more peaceful than spending a long, leisurely afternoon just browsing through the local library. Another educational place to hang out is a roadside diner. Whenever I travel from D.C. to Atlantic City I always stop at these fascinating roadside eateries. You can buy these enormous cakes for just seven dollars. It's incredible.

A few weeks back I asked you to call in with your most memorable roadside diner experience. It seems like it's a toss up between the food or the ambience as to what makes a roadside dining experience memorable. Listen to these stories.

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Next Week: Brushes with Fame

Another experience that seems better on the road is meeting people, especially if they happen to be celebrities. There's something about traveling that sort of levels the playing field when you find yourself on a flight, rubbing elbows with a star. It doesn't matter how much your last action-adventure grossed, you still have to put your seat-back in a locked and upright position.

I've actually written a book about the celebrities that I've slept with. I mean, slept next to, while flying around the world. Cindy Crawford, Howard Stern and James Earl Jones just to name a few. We want to hear about your brushes with fame will traveling.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) to tell us your most exciting star sighting while on the road. Was the star as exciting on the screen or in the news as they were in transit?


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