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Question of the Week

April 1, 2000


This Week: Embarrassing Moments

You know, it happens, even to me. Every now and then, I get really embarrassed on the road. If you were listening a couple of weeks ago, you heard my most embarrassing moments, which I am not going to repeat right now, thank you very much. Besides, compared to the stories you called in with, I don't have to. Frankly, I don't measure up.

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Next Week: The Kindness of Strangers

Now, the thing about strangers is you never know when they're going to help out or when they're just going to sit back and laugh. I depend on the kindness of strangers a lot when I travel. People have an odd way of popping up when you really need them. Well, I want to hear how you've benefited from the helpful hand of a passerby. One woman I know was stuck in Tel Aviv with no money, after sundown on a Friday night. That's Shabbot and if you've ever been to Israel, you know that just about everything is closed. My friend had to get back to Jerusalem, but with no money for bus fare, she was out of luck. After wandering the streets for a while and explaining her situation to anyone who would listen, a couple of kind Israelis donated the money for a taxi. She made it back to her apartment safe and sound.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and let us know how you've benefited from the kindness of strangers while traveling.


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