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Question of the Week

March 25, 2000


This Week: Travel Movies

Between my own adventure to the stars' homes and the Academy Awards, I'm pretty much Hollywooded-out this week. All this talk of celebrities is giving me a headache, or maybe that's just the pains from all the rubbernecking I did in Bel Air. I don't know.

Well, another thing I noticed in L.A. is that it's the only city where movies substitute for sports. Even in the Savvy Traveler offices, everybody spends half the week talking about what film they saw last weekend. Then they play Monday-morning director: "Oh, I would have done that shot differently". Or, "They should have cast Michael Douglas, not Al Pacino". The film that tops the box-office receipts gets all the bragging rights.

Since this is movie weekend, I wanted to find my own angle. So a little while ago I asked you to call me with your favorite travel movies. And man, did I get some weird ones.

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Next Week: Crossing the Border

That's what I want to hear about now, your stories about crossing the border. Did you ever get stopped and searched? Did the guards find what they were looking for? I know one woman who was traveling in the West Bank and got stopped returning to Jerusalem. Now, usually Americans are just waved through. Well not this time. They pulled her out, demanded her passport, but instead of barrages of intimidating questions, the soldier asked her for a date!

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and tell me what happened to you while crossing the border.


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