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Question of the Week

February 26, 2000


This Week: Odd Jobs on the Road

In case you've forgotten, I have a job. And I've spent too long trying to get this whole journalism thing down to switch careers mid-stream. But, you know, sometimes I wonder. I mean, all the places I go, all the people I run into...all the weird and interesting ways to make money. Well, a few weeks ago I asked you to call in and tell me about some of them. I wanted to know what odd jobs people have picked up on the road...while traveling. And man, I think I've been underestimating this world.

  • Let's take Les. He called in from upstate New York about a trip he took a number of years ago. He started in the Caribbean, jumped a freighter, and three and a half weeks later, landed in New Zealand. He ended up going to Australia, Fiji...up to Hong Kong. I asked Les what he does for work over there.

  • Next up is Diane. She called in from Anchorage about a trip she took right after college. I asked her why she needed to get a job on the road.

  • Well, next up is Gar, in North Carolina. I asked him if he ever took a "character building" kind of trip.

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Next Week: World's Worst Drivers

Now, we're shifting gears just a bit, because this week I want to hear your stories about driving. And since we're entering the "award season", the Grammies were just last week and the Oscars are coming up, I want to give out an award of my own. I'm looking for the world's worst drivers. How'd you navigate the Champs Elysee with all those Frenchman careening around the Arc de Triumphe? One guy I know swears Kenya should win the prize, the way they shoot through those mountain passes is enough to make even an L.A. driver lose his grip.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and tell us where to find the world's worst drivers.


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