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Question of the Week

February 19, 2000


This Week: Where's Paradise?

Thanks Marty. Now, although officially China is an atheist country, there are many practicing Buddhists. The religion developed there from the third to the sixth century A.D. A practicing Buddhist wants to achieve Nirvana, which is really a state of personal paradise, free from emotions like greed and anger. Meditation is an important part of Buddhism because it helps one move closer to nirvana.

But some of us find a slice of Nirvana by traveling somewhere that makes us feel like we've found a little pocket of paradise...of course Paradise can be defined in so many different ways...which is why I asked you to call in recently to tell me about a place that defines paradise for you.

  • First up, is Jyme. We caught up with him in wintry New England. And I asked him, what's in a name? What kind of name is "Jyme," anyway?

  • Next up is Becky. She's working in Philadelphia now, but as a student, she discovered paradise in the Okavanga Delta, in Botswana, in southern Africa. I asked her what her paradise looks like.

  • Chang Mai, Thailand is where we caught up with Joe Cummings. Here's a Planet Guidebooks. I asked Joe if he shares my passion for Chang Mai, if it's his paradise.

  • Next up is Tom, a guy who's search for paradise -- and even peace of mind -- came at a crucial time in his life. He had dropped out of school back in the 80s and become a sort of vagabond. He was hitchhiking back and forth across the country, picking up work when he could. Now, when he called, I have to say I was surprised. He said he found paradise while sleeping underneath a freeway bridge. So I asked him, if there was one specific bridge he was talking about.

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Next Week: Women Traveling

I want to hear stories of women traveling alone. Women hitting the road, all by themselves. Now, a friend of a friend of mine, she's fearless. Spain, Austria, Turkey, India to Indonesia -- she's been everywhere. And she says, people are actually more friendly to her when she's "unhindered by companions." She says it makes that much easier to meet people, or run from trouble. Well, ladies, has that been your experience? Do you have an easier, or harder, time traveling solo? And what'd you learn along the way?

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and relate your tales of women hitting the road alone.


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