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Question of the Week

December 25, 1999


This Week: More Taxi Tales

A while back we heard some of your wild taxi cab stories. We got so many great calls, we just had to share more of them with you.

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Next Week: Theme Park Experiences

I want to hear your stories about the weird or outrageous experiences you've had in a theme park. My producer Matt was just telling me that he went to Disneyland with his sister and her boyfriend last week. Matt says they were trying to ditch him all day. Turns out the boyfriend wanted to propose to Matt's sister, which he finally did once they lost third wheel Matt. The guy proposed right outside of "It's A Small World." Aww...isn't that sweet?

Did you ever get a proposal at a theme park? Maybe you had a less romantic experience...like getting accosted by a grumpy Goofy...or getting stuck upside down on a roller coaster.

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and tell me your weird or outrageous theme park story.


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