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Question of the Week

November 27, 1999


This Week: Seatmate Stories

A few weeks back we heard your stories about the funny, interesting and downright embarrassing situations with the person traveling with you in the next seat. We heard some great stories -- like Sam, who drank too much aboard the Concord and explained the world to Henry Kissinger. And Susan in New York, who is dating her former seat mate. We got so many great stories we couldn't bear to leave them on the shelf. So, we're going to hear some more.

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Next Week: Vacationing with the In-laws

For those of you with in-laws, I want to hear your stories about vacationing with them. Now, I could never even get my in-laws to go on a vacation, especially my father-in-law. Every time I tried to book a European trip he would throw up his hands and say, "What do they got over there that we don't got here!" So I never had that, uh, pleasure. But I know some of you are luckier than poor old me. I want to know what happened. Did you bond? Are you still speaking?

Send us an email or call 888-SAV-TRAV (888-728-8728) and tell me your story about vacationing with your in-laws.


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